Appointment Instructions

Everything you need to know about Covid Curbside vs In-person appointments.

As of May 3rd, we will be allowing clients to request in-person appointments.

Our receptionists will ask if you prefer curbside (in your car) or in-person (in a room) at the time of scheduling. Please know that in-person appointments are NOT guaranteed. We have a small number of rooms that can be used right now and even if you request in-person at the time you schedule your appointment, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to come into the building. For those persons who do come into the building, we will mandate the use of face masks for the entire visit.

Curbside appointments will stay the same. You will call us when you arrive and we will have you bring your pet into the vestibule. Your doctor’s technician will then call you to discuss any symptoms, questions or concerns you may have. Your doctor will perform your pet’s physical examination and any other services you have requested and then call you to go over those physical exam findings and offer up any suggestions for your pet. We will then get you checked out over the phone and return your pet to you.